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Module Type Package MTP with zenon

Plug & Produce like it´s already 2030

50%* faster time to market

40%* reduction in production costs

Immeasurable flexibility

*Source: ISBN: 978-3-89746-191-2 Modular Plants

zenon MTP Suite

In a time defined by complexity, companies in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry need to find ways to simplify their processes and increase efficiency. That’s where the zenon MTP Suite comes into play. To optimize your operational efficiency, it includes six services, allowing you a variety of new orchestrations (Plug and Produce).



Success Story

Merck modularizes its process development (Germany)

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Merck KGaA was looking for a new solution that would ...

Upscaling from the laboratory to production has to be quick and easy.

Manfred Eckert, Associate Director Process Development, Merck.

Validate your MTP files for free

The Validation Service checks the compatibility of your configured MTP file.


What is MTP module type package?

Module Type Package (MTP) is a manufacturing concept that enables shorter product and innovation cycles while allowing companies to stay agile in the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast to conventionally designed process plants, the overall process in modular production is divided into small parts which can be easily orchestrated.


What are the requirements to use or test Module Type Package MTP?

You need the hardware components of your plants with their individual MTP files. Make sure your hardware and machinery support MTP!

What about older plants and machinery?

Existing systems can be made MTP-capable with the integrated zenon Logic Service and can thus be integrated into the POL without additional programming effort.

Can I create my own MTP file to simulate the infrastructure?

Yes, the launch of the MTP Editor makes this possible and allows you to Plug and Produce easily.

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