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Modular production: Realizing potential with zenon

Produce like it´s already 2030

50%* faster time to market

40%* reduction in production costs

Immeasurable flexibility

Free fact sheet and video about MTP

MTP video and fact sheet

Why are we asking this? We would like to contact you with relevant information in the future about MTP.

Paradigm shift in manufacturing


Today, an increasing demand for individual products and small batches leads to ever shorter product and innovation cycles. Therefore, much depends on the flexibility of plant utilization. Module Type Package (MTP) is a manufacturing concept that can ensure this. 

Modular plants also modular digitization are decisive in order to be able to flexibly manufacture different products is next to. To achieve this, large parts of the control and regulation intelligence are relocated to modules. These can be easily arranged, added or removed and adapted to current production requirements. They are described in zenon according to the manufacturer-independent and cross-manufacturer information model MTP. Integrated in a superordinate Process Orchestration Layer (zenon POL), these modules are interconnected to form an overall system which allows an endless variety of new orchestrations (Plug & Produce). 

*Source: ISBN: 978-3-89746-191-2 Modular Plants 



What are the requirements to use or test MTP?

You need the hardware components of your plants with their individual MTP files. Make sure your hardware and machinery support MTP!

What about older plants and machinery?

Existing systems can be made MTP-capable with the integrated zenon Logic Service and can thus be integrated into the POL without additional programming effort.

Can I create my own MTP file to simulate the infrastructure?

Yes, in the future we will launch an MTP editor, where this will be possible.