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Revolutionize your Process Automation with plug & produce:

Your path to modular production and how to integrate Legacy Equipment

Are you ready to optimize your production processes and to take them to the next level? Discover how to effortlessly integrate your existing equipment into modern automation systems using Module Type Package (MTP) and the zenon Software Platform. Unleash the potential of modularization and gain unprecedented flexibility with our comprehensive ebook.

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Unlock the Power of Modularization: Your Guide to MTP Integration


Highlights & Benefits

πŸ”Œ Easy Integration:

Learn how to upgrade your legacy assets to support the MTP standard, opening doors to seamless integration and process orchestration. Take your production to the next level through manufacturing process optimization.

🌐 Universal Compatibility:

Discover how zenon bridges the gap between different control systems, offering standardized data exchange and communication through OPC UA.

πŸ”§ MTP Editor and Logic:

Dive into zenon's specialized tools that empower equipment suppliers to generate MTP files and logic code effortlessly, bringing their assets into the MTP fold.

🌟 MTP Gateway:

Find out how the zenon MTP Gateway breathes new life into existing equipment, making them MTP-ready with OPC UA connectivity and compliant logic.

πŸ”— Open Connectivity:

Learn how the MTP Gateway easily connects to a variety of legacy controllers, ensuring smooth communication between different systems.

πŸ’‘ Automatic Code Generation:

Discover a game-changing service from COPA-DATA – an automated generation of MTP files and zenon logic code for the MTP Gateway, drastically reducing manual effort.

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Download FREE eBook

Unlock the Power of Modularization: Your Guide to MTP Integration

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Success Story

Merck modularizes its process development (Germany)

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Merck KGaA was looking for a new solution that would ...

Upscaling from the laboratory to production has to be quick and easy.

Manfred Eckert, Associate Director Process Development, Merck.