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A software's crucial function in large-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • Delve into the software’s role in enhancing real-time information within the connected grid and BESS components.
  • This is a BESS resource guide and is intended for energy storage system integrators and developers, renewable project developers and power producers, utility, transmission, and distribution companies, and policymakers.
  • BESS related case studies are also presented to show how the zenon software platform focus on enhancing real-time efficiencies, flexibility, and capabilities within the grid network.

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A software's crucial function in large-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems


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Main Benefits

Better Asset Performance Management

Equipment monitoring increases efficiency and reliability

Greater Infrastructure Adaptability

Allows existing power infrastructure to adapt to developments without impacting CAPEX

Reduced Cost

Generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption are more efficient with BESS

The BESS Ecosystem


What our clients say

"The software is independent and easy to integrate. It delivers maximum security and optimal connectivity with machine environments, and has no ongoing fees over years."

Samir Ayasrah
Executive Director, SAM ENGINEERING

"One of the most important reasons why we chose zenon and COPA-DATA was their sound knowledge and experience of utility substations. We could always fall back on this expert knowledge without having to read every protocol in detail."

Robert Strauss
Control Technician, Leitwind

"zenon has proven to be a highly intuitive system for the control and operation of the plant. It has enabled us to automate the processes around energy storage in such a way that we can optimize revenue generation. We are really pleased with the performance and operation of the system."

Jun Seon Lee
Project Manager, KOMIPO