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Module Type Package with zenon

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Language: English | Length: 1 hour

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Why watch?

 MTP is real A new era in process automation is now a reality. In this webinar recording you will understand why modular process automation offers increased flexibility in engineering, less setup time and more interoperability between equipment vendors. Furthermore you will see a real life example in laboratory and mini plant.

Who should watch?

The recording of this webinar is perfect for OEMs and End customers who supply or use equipment for the life science and chemical industries who want to make their production more flexible and modular. Please attend if you want to gain basic knowledge about the concept of Module Type Package (MTP), get a glimpse at the technical background and see a real project in a live demo. 


Bernhard Korten

Industry Manager Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Giuseppe Menin

Industry Manager Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Christof Franzke

Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts

Mathias Lackner

Technical Project Leader | Professional Services

Herbert Oberauer

Developer | Professional Services

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Are you already curious what zenon has to offer in the area of MTP? This way for more info on this topic!
Have you already created MTP files and want to check them? Then use our free Online Validator!

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