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zenon 10 – Highlights: Pharmaceutical

The production process for pharmaceuticals is highly complex and requires a tightly controlled environment. At COPA-DATA, we aim to provide technology that helps you manage complexity with ease. Therefore we continually improve our zenon Software Platform. With the new zenon version, zenon 10, we added new features to ensure you continue to keep up with modern demands.

What zenon 10 offers for the Pharmaceutical Industry

eSignature zenon10

Comprehensive data integrity with the eSignature

Smart Data Storage zenon10

Central data management with Smart Data Storage


The zenon Software Platform download is available in the software area of our website (for registered customers).

What our industry specialist says about zenon 10

"Protect your critical process parameters with an up to three step Electronic Signature and store your GMP critical data in a central location – with zenon 10."

Bernhard Korten
Industry Manager