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Inspirational recipes to boost your industrial digitalization

What to expect?

Are you ready to leave unsteady times behind? Are you ready to boost your industrial digitalization? Then join this year's edition of zenonIZE - COPA-DATA's online conference for partners, customers and friends.

With a great mix of presentations, interviews and panel discussions zenonIZE 21 offers you...

  • in-depth information about COPA-DATA & zenon
  • the latest and hottest industry insights
  • inspirational inputs from automation and industry experts
  • ingredients to boost your industrial digitalization

Get ready, steady and go! Join us in getting zenonIZEd and register free of charge!

Why to join?

inspiring_keynotesInspiring keynotes, interviews and discussions with COPA-DATA experts and users

module_type_packaging-1Information on MTP (Module Type Package) integration in zenon

highlights_and_innovationsHighlights and innovations of the current version zenon 10 from our industry teams

real-life_climate_neutral_use_cases_realized_with_zenonReal-life, resource-saving and climate-neutral use cases

insights_into_future_versions_of_the_zenon_software_platform_and_zenon_service_gridInsights into future versions of the zenon Software Platform & zenon Service Grid

tips_and_tricks_on_HTML_docker_and_containerization_01Tips & tricks on HTML, docker and containerization 

zenonIZE 21 agenda

Different time zone? No worries! Register and we will send you notification to access recordings.


09:45-10:00 (CEST)

Welcome @zenonIZE 21 - Day 1

Ready, steady, go! Meet your hosts @zenonIZE Studio (Barbara Rameseder, Stefan Robl)


10:00 - 10:20 (CEST)

Boosting industrial digitalization. I can do it!

Inspirational opening keynote by our CMO/COO (Phillip Werr)


10:20 – 11:05 (CEST)

Technological zenon tasting plate

All ingredients of the Software Platform and Service Grid served by our Head of Product Management & CSO (Gerald Lochner, Stefan Reuther)


11:05 – 11:15 (CEST)

Break: Recharge your energy with us


11:15 - 12:35 (CEST)

Modular Engineering à la carte: Enjoy Smart Objects purely or make them your main ingredient for a modular production according to MTP (Module Type Package) 

Learn more about Smart Objects in zenon and how they are the perfect match for modular engineering and MTP (Markus Helbok & friends)


12:35 - 13:00 (CEST)

Break: Inspirational (lunch) break


13:00 - 13:50 (CEST)

Building IOT architectures with only a handful of ingredients

See how you can easily add some spice to your OT applications, by adding new ingredients. In this talk you will learn about basic IoT technologies and see them in action in a real world application. (Philipp Schmidt)


13:50 - 14:30 (CEST)

Slot 1: Sustainability and investment in digitalization – the way to go

Discussing real-life, resource-saving and climate-neutral use cases (done with zenon)

Slot 2: Q&A Technological zenon tasting plate

Discuss with us and ask our experts whatever you want to know

Slot 3: Q&A Smart Objects - the main ingredient for a modular production according to MTP (Module Type Package)

Discuss with us and ask our experts whatever you want to know

Slot 4: Q&A Building IOT architectures with only a handful of ingredients

Discuss with us and ask our experts whatever you want to know


14:30 - 14:45 (CEST)

Wrap-up of Day 1 @zenonIZE Studio

Wrap up of Day 1 and what to expect on Day 2 (Barbara Rameseder, Stefan Robl)


09:45-10:00 (CEST)

Welcome @zenonIZE 21 - Day 2

Ready, steady, go! Meet your hosts @zenonIZE Studio (Barbara Rameseder, Stefan Robl)


10:00 - 11:30 (CEST)

Your five course Energy menu - served steaming hot

The transformation of the energy industry is picking up pace. Increasing dynamics in the grid require new tools and methods for cost effective engineering and operation of assets. Find out, how the zenon Software Platform will help you to navigate safely through the upcoming challenges. 

A well balanced menu of insights, updates and demonstrations, to stimulate your appetite! 

Powered and served up by Jürgen Resch & friends


11:35 - 13:05 (CEST)

Let’s get served by our Food & Beverage chefs

Having in mind the dynamic times we live worldwide, with challenges and, above all, with excellent opportunities - Digitalization, Industrial IoT and efficient OT/IT engineering bring sustainability, performance and future-oriented solutions.

We will learn from the experience of our partners which “cooked” impactful industrial solutions using zenon´s technological ingredients.

We will see why standards, such as Weihenstephan, play an essential role for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

We will be delighted to propose you creative recipes about making life easier for food & beverage manufacturing teams. 

Powered and served up by Emilian Axinia & friends


13:10 - 14:40 (CEST)

Let our Pharmacists recommend you the right pills

The Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges as never before. On one hand, the demand for production flexibility to address smaller production batches and more frequent changeovers. On the other, massive integration of production data between machines and company IT systems driven by GMP compliance and business requirements. 

Within this session we will give you insights on how you can address flexibility and modularity offered by Namur MTP. And, how you can seamlessly link manufacturing equipment to an MES like Werum using zenon MSI interface. Compliance with Data Integrity is even easier with zenon 10 thanks to the extensive configurability of data storage and improved Electronic Signature.  

Learn how to reduce your engineering and validation effort by using preconfigured zenon application sets. 

Powered and served up by Giuseppe Menin, Bernhard Korten & friends


14:45 - 16:15 (CEST)

Pick-up or delivery? The Automotive industry will be on time

No matter if you prefer pick-up or delivery - in this session you will get an insight how you can use the zenon software platform for all your needs in the automotive industry. 

From climate neutral production and efficient maintenance work, up to a smart building management. zenon offers you solutions to scale your ideas from machine level over the plant up to your global production monitoring. 

And if you need help to implement your ideas for your production and building management, we show you how our industry professionals can help you. 

Modern automotive production from a to z? You can do it with zenon! 

Powered and served up by Bernd Wimmer & friends


16:15 - 16:30 (CEST)

Wrap-up & Good Bye @zenonIZE Studio

This was zenonIZE 21. Wrap up & good bye from your hosts and all zenonIZErs


zenonIZE 21 speakers

Anita Perchermeier

Project Leader Professional Services, COPA-DATA

Bojan Šebić

Project Manager, Uram System d.o.o

Stefan Reuther

Chief Sales Officer, COPA-DATA

Massimo De Francisci

Automation & Digitalization Associate Director, Merck Italy

Phillip Werr

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, COPA-DATA

Dennis Trosdorff

BU Manager, Actemium Controlmatic

Markus Helbok

Head of Customer Services, COPA-DATA

Christine Vallaster

Head of Marketing & Relationship Management, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Tobias Voigt

Head of Research Group Intelligent Production Systems, Technical University of Munich

Philipp Schmidt

Technology Scouting & Prototyping Manager, COPA-DATA

Gerald Lochner

Head of Product Management, COPA-DATA

Christof Franzke

Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts, COPA-DATA

Juergen Resch

Industry Manager Energy, COPA-DATA

Giuseppe Menin

Industry Manager Pharmaceutical, COPA-DATA

Barbara Rameseder

Marketing Operations & Partner Manager, COPA-DATA

Stefan Robl

Head of Marketing, COPA-DATA

Alexander Fröhlich

Industry Specialist Food & Beverage, COPA-DATA

Andreas Bamberg

Executive Director, Merck Germany

Jakob Miazga

Sales Manager, COPA-DATA

Emilian Axinia

Industry Manager Food & Beverage, COPA-DATA

Bernd Wimmer

Technology & Consulting Manager, COPA-DATA

Christian Bauer

Project Leader Professional Services, COPA-DATA

Bernhard Korten

Industry Manager Pharmaceutical, COPA-DATA

Bernhard Ebert

Head of Key Account Management, COPA-DATA

Roberto de Eccher

Customer Service Manager, COPA-DATA

Reinhard Mayr

Head of Information Security and Research Operations, COPA-DATA

Marius Schönegge

Senior Technical Consultant Smart City, COPA-DATA

Stefan Hufnagl

Industry Specialist Energy, COPA-DATA

Matthias Schnöll

Product Manager, COPA-DATA

Lewis Williams

Industry Specialist Energy, COPA-DATA

Andreas Grün

Industry Specialist Food & Beverage, COPA-DATA

Thomas Österbauer

Education Services Specialist, COPA-DATA

Markus Arnold

Technical Consulting, Product Management, COPA-DATA

Maarten van Dam

International Key Account Manager, COPA-DATA

zenonIZE20 facts

Streaming hours

zenonIZE 20 reviews

"zenonIZE 20 was truly an incredible experience for me as the team showed all the brand new stuff we have in the pipe and I was even more amazed by how much value this will bring to our users."

Stefan Reuther
Chief Sales Officer, COPA-DATA

"We are very successful in the automotive industry and work with COPA-DATA for more than 10 years. It’s time to expand our business to further industries. zenonIZE is the perfect possibility to get the insights into these industries (food & beverage, pharma, energy)."

Yao Jingzhong
General Manager, Shanghai Dimension Co. Ltd

"The zenonIZE 20 was very cool! As exciting as watching the world soccer championship on TV! The sessions in the various “Tracks” like the live from the fields; The ”Lounge” like watching comments on the match results from reporters. A fast and very usable experience. Congratulations to all, see you next time"

Massimiliano Guerra
Automation Engineering Manager, Galdi S.r.l.

"In this times when we can`t get together and share our knowledge, experience and passion, zenonIZE 20 was the perfect digital substitution for planned event. As always, COPA-DATA is finding the best way possible to stay in touch with colleagues, partners, friends and zenon enthusiasts. I hope that we will be able to gather up soon and, until then, we made such amazing presentations we all can enjoy!"

Dalibor Bobic
CEO, EXOR ETI Ltd. Belgrade

"The zenonIZE 20 event was a great opportunity to learn more about some of the latest zenon product features. The event also provided great insights into some of the recent zenon projects implemented across the globe, presented by industry experts willing to share their knowledge and experience with the zenon user community."

Pascal Schaub
Principal Engineer and Director, D.T. Partners Pty Ltd

"KROPF Solutions and COPA-DATA have been successful partners for over 25 years. As a GOLD PARTNER, we are honored to participate in events such as zenonIZE 20. We found the COPA-DATA Partner & User Conference very informative and exciting – great presentations with innovative and hands-on contributions from COPA-DATA. We are really looking forward to this year's zenonIZE 21."

Patrizia Widera
Marketing & Sales, Partner Management, KROPF Solutions

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