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ISO 50001 with zenon

zenon energy data management system functionality allows companies to meet ISO 50001 standards to improve their energy management and reduce waste.


Importance of ISO 50001

 ISO 50001 is an internationally acknowledged standard that provides the framework of requirements for organizations to achieve better energy management.  Its purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of their energy management. ISO 50001 provides requirements for aspects of energy management such as measurement, documentation reporting, equipment and personnel. 

zenon as a Solution

The zenon software platform provides users with the tools to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. These features include:

  • Data collection for all forms of energy (electricity, gas, compressed air, water, steam)
  • Customizable report screens for visualization of energy consumption data in one place
  • Ability to calculate overall equipment effectiveness
  • Scalable from a single production line to an entire facility, including building energy management



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