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Efficient Substation HMI Engineering

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Language: English | Length: 1 hour

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Navigating resilience and modernization: Requirements to substation HMI and engineering

Reflecting different engineering approaches, finding the perfect mix for your company

Hands-on examples and engineering demonstration

Q&A Session

Why watch?

Technology for substation automation, interconnection and control evolves at rapid pace. Like in many other industries, more and more functions converge into software. Efficient implementation of modern substation HMI requires us to combine different methods in an intelligent way.

How do you balance the diverse requirements optimally, while making most efficient use of your engineering tools, data and staff?

Get inspired by the spirit of integrability and simplicity. Take the chance to get in touch with an independent and leading company, to guide you along all phases of your engineering journey.

Who should watch?

It´s a perfect occasion for technologists and decision makers from utilities, industrial end-users or system integrators of any type. Anybody who is involved in the evaluation and specification of software systems for energy automation and, in particular, substation HMI solutions will be served with great examples and practical insights. No matter, whether you are at the beginning of the conception of a new substation generation for your company or customer, or if you just want to inform yourself about leading edge engineering methods, this webinar will provide valuable ideas to you.


Stefan Hufnagl

Industry Specialist Energy

Jürgen Resch

Industry Manager Energy

Lewis Williams

Industry Specialist Energy

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