Data Integrity webinar

Data integrity is imperative for the pharmaceutical sector, with organisations collecting and analysing data throughout their production processes. For pharmaceutical manufacturers to make informed decisions and remain compliant with regulations, this data must be complete, accurate and protected from alteration. At COPA-DATA, we have designed our industrial automation software platform zenon to address pharmaceutical data integrity challenges so you can keep your data safe while improving production efficiency. We offer this webinar completely free of charge, join us and get the chance to ask our experts your questions.

March 18th 9:30am (GMT)

Data Integrity Pharma

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Who should join in?

Everyone interested in automation software for control,  reporting and archiving features designed to keep pharmaceutical production compliant – regardless of your position or whether you are already using zenon or not.

What to expect?

  • Introduction to data integrity compliance for a digital plant
  • How to achieve data integrity from isolated machines to a fully connected plant

  • Industry-specific solutions that deliver value to your business

  • Live demonstrations of the zenon platform for pharmaceutical features

  • Brief overview of COPA-DATA and the zenon Software Platform


Giuseppe Menin

Pharmaceutical Industry Manager

Giuseppe Menin, has over 30 years of experience in industrial automation with technical expertise and extensive insight into the special character of the pharmaceutical industry. He is also a member of ISPE’s Gamp Italy Executive committee and Pharma 4.0 – Plug & Produce Working Group.

Bernhard Korten

Pharmaceutical Industry Manager

Bernhard Korten, specialises in data integrity and boasts over a decade’s worth of experience working across several roles at COPA-DATA, including Pharmaceutical International Sales Manager where he gained global insights into regulations and their requirements.

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