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Driving the energy transition with BESS

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How to build reliable operations and monitoring solutions for large scale battery energy storage systems

Language: English | Duration: 1 hour

Driving the energy transition with BESS

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Why BESS? Regarding the growing relevance of large scale energy storage in our grid ecosystem(s)

BESS in the wild: Application and technology report from PROTASIS SA

The role of software in BESS: Hands-on examples and software demonstration

Q&A Session

Why watch?

The energy world is challenged with volatility on almost all levels of its technical and commercial architecture. No matter whether you are a manufacturing company, energy supplier or network operator, the ongoing dynamics in the market impose stress to your assets, profitability and on your business models. Technology strategists and system integrators are likewise challenged, to come up with solutions in order to regain stability and self-determination in this respect.

Take the chance to get informed about the reasons and benefits of the utilization of BESS, and get inspired by practical successes and solution examples.

Who should watch?

It´s a perfect occasion for technologists and deciders from utilities, industrial end-users, system integrators or solution architects. Anybody who is involved in the evaluation and specification of software systems for energy automation and, in particular, the integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will be served with great examples and practical insights. No matter, whether you want to gain first insights in the utilization of BESS for your company or customer, or if you want to inform yourself about particular aspects around BESS, this webinar will provide valuable ideas to you.


Stefan Hufnagl

Industry Specialist Energy | COPA-DATA

George Arvanitis

Systems Integration & SCADA Department | PROTASIS SA

Lewis Williams

Industry Specialist Energy | COPA-DATA

About our guest

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PROTASIS Engineering & Consulting SA serves the power and energy industries, providing expert studies and technical consulting, as well as specialized integrated systems’ solutions since 2002 in several countries worldwide. SCADA system application is one of its main fields of expertise and thus PROTASIS is a silver partner of COPA DATA.

George Arvanitis is an electrical & computer engineer, holding a MSc on Energy Production and Management. George is the Head of Systems Integration & SCADA Department at PROTASIS, being member of the PROTASIS team for the last 14 years.

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